Is it legal to exercise outside?

As many gyms and fitness clubs are closed in these testing times of COVID-19 many fitness freaks who perpetually workout are bringing into question.  Is it safe and legal enough to work out or exercise outside during times of COVID-19?  As many fitness freaks are very much used to exercise regularly in the outdoor environment. … Read more

Can Fitness Trackers Track Yoga?

The most solidified part of adhering to a particular diet and a workout plan is keeping track of your day-to-day activities. It could be in terms of exercises which you pursue in calorie burning like running, walking, etc., although it can even track your sleep too. Well, who do you think I’m kidding the solidified part … Read more

Why do my legs pulsate after walking?

Legs pulsating after walking and dispatching a regular workout is a significant cause. It can be agitating making individuals panic resulting in a substandard outline. Nevertheless, there can be various reasons that you might encounter after an exercise. Feeling some throbbing effect just after a workout can be a normal case that does not specify any … Read more

Muscle Memory: how long to get back in shape

Due to COVID-19, many were enforced to stay at home or to quarantine themselves. It leads to a lack of strength and muscle definition and experiences losses when you are off for few months without any exercise routine like before. So, the question is when will you be able to grow back your muscle mass?  The positive … Read more

Do muscles get smaller after workout?

The aim of achieving a good and perfect shape after a workout helps you believe in understanding the process. The muscles take plenty of time to recover depending on the type of exercise you performed. The process makes you trust that instantly after working out, your body will go into a progression stage or mode. … Read more

How to get rid of muscular shoulders?

Sometimes even after performing proper exercises, you are unable to figure out how to get rid of muscular shoulders and why you have them. So, exercises that aim at your shoulder muscle growth should be performed, and moreover, even if certain muscles are not at work for some time, they are reduced in size. Thus, … Read more

Does Overhead Press Work Back?

The overhead presses it’s also better known as shoulder or military press or also just a press. It can be performed either by standing or sitting or even in a squatting position where the arms are locked overhead, whereas the legs, lower back, and abs all together maintain balance. This exercise helps to strengthen muscular shoulders … Read more

Is Muscle Blaze Whey Protein Good?

We all have been observing that most of mankind in this world is getting used to a way of life that is healthy and secured. Nowadays everyone is obsessed with a way of fit life that will bring a perfect and a cured life. So, fitness is as important as consuming a good amount of … Read more