How to Track Sleep Without Technology?

Poor and sketchy sleep can lead to consequential fitness and health issues. It habitually affects your quality of sleep resulting in many sleep disorder consequences. So, that without the help of technology a sleep diary is a precious way to track your sleep. As some individuals cannot afford to buy fitness bands or trackers and even sleep sensors can keep track without the help of technology. Sleep diaries assist to keep a note and supervise the change in sleeping habits. 

Some may suffer from insomnia that brings on trouble in falling asleep at night. It’s due to pain, fatigue, depression, fear, and anxiety causing severe problems that affect every human’s mental health. This becomes your duty to take utmost care of yourself. To stay away from it you need to meditate and exercise regularly that will assist you to overcome all types of complications. 

The sleep diary can be a friendly tool that permits you to know about the process of getting superior sleep. It should be recorded every morning after you wake up based on the previous night’s sleep. Setting up a reminder on your phone will help you in keeping a note on your sleep. This will make you better when you start getting to know your respective sleeping habits. 

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What is the purpose of a sleep diary? 

The sleep diary is an effortless way to write down and record the daily sleeping activities of an individual or a person for over a duration time. It’s a tool that is used mainly by patients and doctors so that they could keep track of their sleeping habits.

Sleep diaries can also be known as sleep journals where you record each entry about your day-to-day undertakings. 

This is mainly used by ones who are suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia due to depression. So, sleep diaries help them to track all their night activities and make them more aware of their strength and weaknesses. 

Let me be clear about sleep diaries. They assist in recording: 

  • The usual time your bed time starts when the perfect time is mentioned to sleep. 
  • It even helps to record your waking time.   
  • It assists in knowing that how long duration of time you took to fall asleep. 
  • Sleep diaries provide information that how many times your sleep was intervened. 
  • The sum of daily naps taken by you. 
  • Consumption of healthy food items will help you to track how a nutritional diet played a vital role in improving your mental health to sleep. 
  • This keeps a track of your daily physical activities and exercises which are performed day after day. 

Are sleep diaries effective? 

Sleep diaries are a tool that assists in comparing your undertakings. It could be more relevant and efficient too so that it makes it easy to record your sleeping habits without technology.  

It’s really the best and an effective choice for the person who stays away from buying sleeping trackers or sensors, as sleep diaries habitually calculate the total sleep time. Regardless of the ones who are consistently maintaining the sleep diaries to improvise their health.

Why keep a sleep diary? 

If you’d like to grind on revamping your sleep the first and foremost step you need to undertake is to start keeping a sleep diary. Holding on to a sleep diary can help us all to get a faultless vision of our sleep and we could even be specialists too.  

Many scientists have claimed about the various things that keep us awake at the midnight. If we spot ourselves drinking a lot of caffeine then sleep diaries might be helpful to relate our problems and issues which we suffer during our sleep hours.  

If your sleep is interrupted in between and what all activities you pursued, whether you need any changes regarding your pattern which you mostly follow will help you when the sleep diary is carried on. Try to attempt this for the previous night after getting up in the morning for a maximum period of 2-3 weeks.  

Finally, after recording all activities, you spend a lot of time knowing about the factors that affected your sleep. Some changes are a no-time issue if you need to enhance yourself with new things unless those new changes are helping you, then sleep diary is a dazzling appliance to help you properly precise by figuring out advanced methodology. 

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How many hours of sleep do we need every day? 

Well, sleeping hours and patterns differ from one person to another. Most of us believe that we can run away with 6-7 hours of sleep but it is actually not. As our brain performs completely differently than others so some may require 8 hours of mandatory sleep and some can manage for about 6-7 hours of sleep.  

It all just depends on how the way your brain responds to the resources. Some folks even after sleeping for 5 hours a day do not complain about their personal job or business to execute, so they might think they are doing well and fine but they would likely do even better as long as they literally permitted themselves to sleep more.  

Why Best sleeping time is from 10pm to 4am? 

So do u sleep after 10 pm and did you know that sleeping late will affect your mental health? 

To be fit and healthy you individuals not only have to consume a nutritional diet or consistently workout but also should have self-esteem depending on how your body performs. Some folks eat before going to bed that enforces their body to stay alert resulting in them staying awake for a longer period of time. 

As mentioned, the best time for sleeping is 10 pm to 4 am just because it motivates you to carry out a workout and assists in working on yourselves so that you can achieve all successful goals in the future. 

 So, when we calculate you will be getting 6 hours of sleep a day that is particularly perfect for the well beings who are into the fitness field too. Waking up early plus exercising including a good meditation session will improvise your mental health and your brain may get used to all forms which you pursue. Lastly, you just have to be consistent enough to see the changes which you are going through.  

I hope this article boosts your confidence and your mental health. That’s all Folks. 


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