Muscle Memory: how long to get back in shape

Due to COVID-19, many were enforced to stay at home or to quarantine themselves. It leads to a lack of strength and muscle definition and experiences losses when you are off for few months without any exercise routine like before. So, the question is when will you be able to grow back your muscle mass? 

The positive news is that you don’t have to work out as you do on your first day. As you had built enough muscle mass in the past resulting your body to achieve those gains. Well, the process won’t be that easy but when the consistency level is maintained adding some good nutritional food to your respective diet can make you get back to your trench even after a broad break. 

Taking a 6 months break can probably force you to get back to the shape in 2- 3 months. This can only be attained by following all forms of exercises by efficiently training your body. Sooner or later, it will all depend on the systematic process that was pursued by yourself. It all depends on the appetite of a fitness athlete or a bodybuilder making them fat during their off days. But can be slightly easier to achieve those gains by maintaining a certain fitness regimen. 

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How long does it take to regain muscle after not working out? 

Taking some few weeks or days off from work out will not be a troublesome matter. Your muscles will not be going to lose mass when you are away from exercise for a small span of time. But when the period crosses over 3-4 weeks or more a fitness athlete might start losing the muscle mass.  

This may create difficulty to gain muscle as an athlete should start again to achieve his/her goals. It all depends on the structure of the body where genetics play a vital role. Experts have their opinion regarding, how much time does it take to regain muscle back? 

The simple answer to this is if you had 2 months break from exercise then you can easily get that gains within a month. While if you had a long break like 6 months then you may gain muscle mass by 3 months. You all folks should never give up and maintain that consistency level to make the most of it. 

Does muscle memory last forever? 

Let us know what actually is muscle memory? 

When you perform effective resistance training the number of nuclei cells in your muscle will automatically increase bringing an outcome to stay permanent. This benefits you to gain and build a strong muscular body even though if you had a break in between. It all just depends on training time (Note: Prevent overtraining your muscles) and the quality time, power, plus speed strengthening you to lift heavier weights. 

Hence, we come to know that muscle memory lasts forever helping you out to build a stronger muscular body. But all time discussed that it depends on the level of testosterone and the genes playing an excessive role in building your body. Those individuals whose testosterone level is low will gain muscle mass after a longer period of time. 

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Why am I losing muscle fast? 

Generally losing muscle is a common cause with the older ones. As you get old then automatically you start losing muscle causing severe loss due to which many diseases can start emerging. So, the best solution to this is to take some time to exercise regularly for at least 30-40 minutes a day so that you can gain a little bit of muscle.  

Severe diseases like HIV, AIDs, etc., will cause a heavy reduction of muscle mass. The recent pandemic (COVID-19) has enforced many individuals to lose muscle after getting recovered from it. To gain you just need to follow some excellent nutritional dietary food along with some exercise. 

How do I regain lost muscle and strength? 

Regaining weight and muscles can be quite difficult in some cases. But when performed thoroughly by starting strength training exercises and doing high-intensity workouts (HIIT), executing some compound movements including some rest days will make you achieve the dream body.  

Never forget to intake nutritional calories with a sufficient amount of protein so that you build mass that can be easier to lose fat. If you are obsessed to notice that whether your muscles are recovering then you have to sleep so that some great changes in the body get visible. 

Is it easier to build muscle the second time? 

It’s much easier to rebuild your old muscle after a break for weeks or months. As muscle memory plays an important role to attain those gains. Many experts have given their respective suggestions or opinion regarding it. They speak when the muscle is gained, lost, and further regained then here muscle memory plays an important part which makes it easier to regain mass. 

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Can muscle gains be permanent? 

Yes, if maintained perfectly. Some of the muscle gains can be permanent but some can short-live. Muscle gains can be temporary too but they vary due to some adaptations in the body. Even though they can be achieved but some gains last for a very short time causing serious uncertainty in the mindset.  

As a newbie, you may be confused that even after maintaining the muscle you are losing it but the truth is it’s completely natural when you have off days regarding your workout. It can even be that you are not consuming the perfect calories that are prescribed by your fitness trainer. Just overcome all these things and become compatible enough. 

Can you permanently lose muscle? 

Eventually, you can lose any type of muscle depending on what kind of workout you are executing. If you are in a fat loss journey and you look after your body to lose fat then a small amount of body mass gets diminished. 

 Although your body cares to cut the fat down over muscle some workouts like high intensity and cardio can result in your body losing muscle mass. It’s not a case of skipping these high-intensity workouts but instead, try to execute weight training exercises first and then cardio so that it assists you. 

Hopefully, this article helps you. That’s all Folks. 

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