What is the Mission of Khelo India Programme?

The significance and effectiveness of fitness and sports in every individual’s life are indispensable. Taking part or playing any sort of sports by executing all means related to physical fitness is one of the most dominant things in every person’s life. This is how Khelo India Programme motivates every individual of this country to grab a healthy and fit lifestyle so that society will be equitably fit and healthy giving rise to a vigorous nation.

Khelo India Programme has been inaugurated to save or rescue the Indian sports culture by encouraging every youth of the country to be worthy and relevant towards fitness and sports. This can only be accomplished when every youth of this country join hands together for a better living which consists of implementing different types of sports and fitness activities. It will surely result in initiating India as an exceptional sporting and healthy nation.

Another motto of the Khelo India Programme is when they start recognizing a particular skilful individual who is brilliant in any sort of sports and fitness field then that individual will be provided with the financial assistance of 5 lakh per annum for 8 years. This will start enhancing every individual of this country towards a healthy lifestyle.

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Who can Play in Khelo India?

Contestants who are below the age of 17 can apply for the under-17 category plus the aspirants who are below the age of 21 can apply for the under-21 category list. The biggest advantage of Khelo India is that any youth from all parts of India can apply for the particular sport which he/she is into it.

Athletes should be passionate and more compulsive towards the specific sport which they would like to pursue. This will emerge India into greater heights when youths who are very much keen on physical fitness and sports result in a healthier society and a powerful nation.

Who started khelo India?

Admirably the central government of India under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the Khelo India Programme during the period of 2017. The first and foremost objective of Khelo India as formerly discussed is to bring all the citizens of this country and youth closer towards a prosperous and healthier lifestyle.

This will encourage the upcoming children of the Indian country to reap all the benefits from different types of sports and physical fitness activities. The Prime Minister on 27th February 2019 launched the Khelo India application at the Indian parliament in New Delhi so that every single youngster of this country would obtain all the benefits of it after applying it.

What is Khelo India Fitness Test?

There are numerous amount of fitness tests in Khelo India namely., they do like to check BMI (Body Mass Index), weight and height of the aspirant, 600 meters of running or walking, Muscularity endurance for a couple of seconds or minutes, Alternative kind of push-ups for boys and girls, etc. The mobile application is wholly designed and flourished so that every institution or school will derive all kinds of assistance from it.

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What are the Age Groups for Which Khelo India Fitness Assessment is to be done in School?

The settlement and recommendations suggested by the Fitness authority of India are that the specific educational institution and the respective parents of their children should detect and make a way to their children in the sports field.

The Khelo India Fitness assessment done at school is on the basis of age groups who are aged between 5-8 years studying in class 1-3, whereas the students who are studying in class 4-12 aged between 9-18 plus years are specifically monitored according to their fitness levels.

What are the components of khelo India Programme?

  • The Khelo India Programme is one of the best tournaments for any age group of children like; school, college, and also university going students.
  • The new Khelo India Programme will completely change the game of ecology as well as nation athletes, integration development, talent or skill development, special training and competitiveness.
  • This Programme will build an acceptable surrounding for the athletes and will enable them to focus on their preparation without any restriction.
  • The Khelo India movement will encourage more than 100 schools and more than 10-15 universities as central centres of sports brilliance.
  • Khelo India Programme will select 1,000 athletes every year and will also render a scholarship amount of Five lakh rupees for eight consecutive years.
  • The Khelo India Programme also encourages a healthy lifestyle and thus to enhance this, a National physical fitness drive is organised wherein children coming in the age group of 10-18 years will be tested for physical fitness.
  • The Programme also plans to capture or grab those youth who are desperately underprivileged and are living in disturbed areas into sporting activities so as to they will move forward in the process of nation-building and will stay away from troublesome or unruly activities.

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